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Functional expertise regarding FX exposures: identifying, reporting efficiently, and hedging, but also defining strategy from first principles, considering how FX interacts with accounting and tax (all sectors).

Recognise the importance of getting basics done well, such as reconciliations, static data management, and bookkeeping entries, and can make them happen.

  Wide experience of derivatives and commodity contracts from NDFs and oil futures to CDSs and Cocoa Futures Arbitrage.

Create straight-through processes avoiding duplication.

  Deep experience of most middle and back office functions, and an understanding of how they fit together: Daily, Monthly and Annual Accounting, Reporting Risks etc.

Clear up messes with enthusiasm and support start-ups/major expansions with energy.

  Exceptional knowledge of data structures to design efficient use of computers, whether existing systems or bespoke.

Pass knowledge on to your staff from Day 1 to maintain your gains after end of assignment.

  Understanding accounting rules and double entry bookkeeping from first principles.

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Define, specify, and test system elements from tiny upwards, and work directly with your programmers.

  Knowledge of related functions so particularly valuable for matters which cover multiple functions, or tend to fall between functions.
Hands-on where commercially justified E.g. to understand issues, and then delegate to your staff to provide solution at lowest cost for you.

Apply sharp analysis (comprehensive, objective, quick) to problems in any field to enable relevant group/individual to choose lasting solutions, especially when no solution is cost-free.

And here is a by-product from one engagement:

A tool to align items from overlapping lists.

Free for you during its introductory period.